bybmg: Day in the Life 9.4

Day in the Life 9.4

On September 4th, I took over the Liberating Working Moms Instagram account to show a journey through my day.  Here's how it went!


My alarm goes off at 5:55.  I hope out of bed and head to the bathroom to get started.  I shower at night, so I spend about 30ish minutes doing my hair and make up.

6:15 - hair is almost done and Henry comes in to join me while I finish up. He says he's "still tiwed," so he's laying on the floor. Just heard Wesley fuss, so I'm off to get him once I'm done. 

6:30 - I'm ready! I plan out my clothes on the weekend so I can be ready quick and take care of my boys.  Wesley is up and snugly.  Time to get him dressed!

6:40 Hubs is making bacon.  Wesley's mooching off my Belvita biscuits. 

Henry's having PB & honey while pretending he's at school because he got an Iron Man sandwich keeper from the Tupperware lady at the farmers market last night.  I'm sipping iced coffee.  Gotta eat quick!  We are out of the house at 7:05ish.

6:52 - lunch is packed for the hubs and me (we work together).  Dinner is in the crockpot set to start cooking at 10 am thanks to that crazy little WeMo attached to the outlet.  I did a Pampered Chef freezer meals party a while back and came home with 18 meals.  They've been a savior.

7:11 We are off.  Two stops: Henry's preschool and Wesley's (in home) daycare, then off to the middle school.  We live pretty close to everything which is great because we have to be to school at 7:30.

7:22 - Here we are at school!

7:59 - Just got done with a meeting about behavior supports in the building.  Kids are rolling into my room for home room. Wifi isn't working at school. 

8:20 - Quick before 1st period comes in. I teach a class called Leadership Development.  Right now we are talking about paradigm.  We refer a lot to the 7 habits book for teens.  We are also watching a scene from The Pursuit of Happyness today when Chris interviews to show how someone's paradigm of a person can shift with new information. I love my job!

10:35 - It's my planning time1  Time to drink water (trying to get better at this), quick order a Shutterfly book, and plan for next week.

11:15 - My two planning periods are back to back and lunch tags onto them, but I have a class that meets in my room during this time because our building is full.  So, sometimes I sign out and run an errand instead of hanging out in the school library. Today that's depositing a check and grabbing yogurt so I have breakfast tomorrow since we are out.  I can run home and drop it off quick since we live so close.

11:40 - Back at school.  I still have a little time before my classroom is available, so I'll go hang out in the library and catch up.

12;05 - Eating lunch with the handsome fella.

3:09 - School's out.  Catching up on odds and end and enjoying the quiet before we go pick up the boys.

4:00 - Off to get our boys!

4:30 - Henry's in time out for being rude... Wesley's playing.  Mom is relaxing... Kind of...

4:50 Family coloring time while dinner is being finished.

5:00 - Dinner. We eat early because everybody's home and hungry!

5:30 - Bath time for Mr. Blue Face.  I don't usually do them this early, but between markers and dinner he's filthy.

6:00 - Oh you know... Just watching Wheel of Fortune on YouTube since it won't be on tonight because of football.  We watch it most nights.  Great letter recognition and number recognition for Henry.

7:00 - Time for bed for this wee man.  Milk, his puppy, sleep sack, and a few books are his bedtime traditions.

7:17 - A little Lego play before bed for big bro.

8:00 Sometimes a momma has to sneak out after bedtime and have coffee with a friend.  Tonight's one of those nights.  It's been fun sharing my day with you!

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