bybmg: Lessons in Fashion: Scarf and Top Combinations

Lessons in Fashion: Scarf and Top Combinations

Lessons in Fashion:
a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 
How to combine scarves and tops

my scarf collection
So, I have a wee bit of a scarf obsession. This picture is less than half of my collection, and  I keep adding more!  Most that I own are infinity scarves just because they're easy to wear and cozy as ever.  Sometimes I know people love scarves, but just aren't sure how to wear them or match them with their clothes.  Today I want to give you a few tips on how you can mix them.

Plaid + Animal Print

This may be unexpected, and some of you might be shaking your head no, but just go with it!  The leopard and small enough and the plaid is big enough to work.  Animal print and plaid are totally in, and you should try it!

Plaid + Texture

This scarf is one of my favorites because it has lace and pom poms!  I think the textures and the neutral color of the scarf are subtle enough that it just adds a little interest to the plaid.

Pattern Scarf + Solid Top

Solid tops and patterned scarves are an easy mix. I think this is what most people are comfortable with, and it's truly a win.  Try not to always be super matchy-matchy.  Your scarf does not have to have a color in it that is the same as your top.  My school colors are purple and gold/yellow, so I wear this combo a lot.

Solid Scarf + Patterned Top

This is the opposite look from above, and it works, too. Bold patterned tops go well with solid scarves. The black and white plus makes the coral scarf just pop.

Bold Pattern + Classic Stripe

The polka dots in this scarf are bold enough that they play right into the stripes.  I've also put together slim stripes and bold chevron, too.  It's fun to mix patterns.  This look would also be fun with a floral scarf.  Don't be afraid to mix simple stripes with a pattern.

Were any of these combos new to you?  What one are you ready to try? Let me know in the comments!

I also hosted a scarf swap in February. Anyone up for doing that again?

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