bybmg: Summer Bucket List: Supper at the Farmers Market

Summer Bucket List: Supper at the Farmers Market


Supper? Dinner? What do you call it? I'm one of the strange ones that really doesn't use dinner in my meal vocabulary. I call it lunch and supper. Maybe I'm strange? Maybe it's an Iowa thing? I digress...  ANYWAY, we went to the Valley Junction Farmer's Market.  We love this market because it's in the evening, the set up is great, and it has amazing food!

So many great things were available.  We had our meals planned out for the next couple nights, so I didn't buy an produce, but these flowers were sure tempting!

If you read my diaper bag post earlier this week, that sippy cup leash sure came in handy.  Wesley threw his cup over the side of the stroller about 10 times. 

When we're out and about, we try to encourage Henry to interact with people in respectful ways as much as we can.  He wanted a Dutch Letter pastry, so we gave him the money and Russ coached him in the purchasing interaction. 

Then, it was supper time.  Russ got a Gyro.

I got Mexican.

Who knew the Chinese place also had corn dogs? And amazing crab rangoons!

Henry also got a big ole slice of watermelon.

He at that thing down the the rind, and asked to take his glasses off so they didn't get wet with watermelon juice.

Wesley also enjoyed some watermelon.  

Reallllly enjoyed it!  I forgot to get out the bib.  Oops!

This farmer's market was truly one of the last things on our family summer bucket list.  We go back to work next Thursday, so our summer is winding down, but man, it's been an awesome one!  What have you been up to?

Now, for the link up! This is the last week!

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