bybmg: Summer Remix Challenge: Week 5 and Final Thoughts

Summer Remix Challenge: Week 5 and Final Thoughts

This is the last week of the Summer Remix Challenge with Greater Than Rubies. If you're new here or forgot, here are the 30 pieces I chose to remix and outfits 1-7 are here, 8-13 are here, 14-20 are here, and 21-28 here.  I'm using the Rhonna Designs app for the cute numbers on each picture. 

I tried to make these last two outfits utilize a couple pieces I'd only worn once, the skirt in 29 and the maxi dress in 30. I really could think of many more outfits still, and some I will be sharing some with you in the coming weeks with a new series I'm going to start. I've learned a lot about remixing, accessories, and more in this challenge, so I want to share it with you.

Tee - Locally Grown Clothing
Skirt - LuLaRoe
Bracelets - Beads for Life and DIY by me

Top - thrifted Gap
Skirt (actually my maxi dress) - Pink Rose
Bracelet - DIY by me from my June Darby Smart box (post coming later this week)
Sandals - AE

 Honestly, it feels good to be done. I've loved this challenge, but I'm so ready to dig into the other clothes in my closet. Would I ever do a remix again? Yes!  I think it would be easier to do during the school year when most of my day-to-day requires the same type of dress up clothing. Would you ever try a remix challenge?

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