bybmg: Pretty Little Corner & Summer Goals Update

Pretty Little Corner & Summer Goals Update


Today I want to share my "pretty little corner" in our room.  

This dresser was a DIY project of mine a few summers ago.  The goal was to make the drawers have the ombre look like you find on a paint chip.  Sometimes I rush into projects and don't think them all the way through, and this is an example. I accidentally painted them this way, but I was too tired of it at the end to go back and fix them.  They really look ok, but it's just a reminder to me to slow down.  

I used to have an armoir, but I didn't like how unstable it was; I was worried it would tumble on one of the boys. I decided to move all my jewelry to my dresser.  I got this 2-tier galvanized bucket stand from Pick Your Plum. It is wonderful for holding my bracelets and earrings. The smaller silver dish has two birds on branches.  I think I got it at TJ Maxx. I hang a few necklaces on it and have some random items in its dish.

I got this large mason jar for 99 cents at a thrift shop in Minnesota.  I'm making it a goal to throw my spare change in there and when it's full, hopefully do something fun with the money.  The little blue bird is a gift from a friend.

The frame is new. I got it this mother's day, and it totally fits since I'm surrounded by boys! The necklace stand is a DIY of mine. I bought it at Michaels and used Mod Podge to cover it with dictionary pages. The box is painted by me

I use the box to store my headwraps.  It's getting full!

The owl fulfills one of my summer goals. I painted it at a paint your own pottery shop, and it's a lamp! Then, there's my boys again.  This frame was also a gift.

Up top I have a branch where I hand most of my necklaces.  The branch is from Amazon, though I can't find it on there currently. It's a bit cluttered at the moment, but it works.  

Do you have a fun way you display your jewelry? I'd love to see it!

Here's a recap of my summer goals:

1. Repaint the front door Just did this last week!

2. Finish the Gs for the ladder shelf Done!

3. Go paint pottery Done!

4. Finish reading some books: I've finished this one and another one, and I'm into my third.  I haven't been reading as much as I should.

5. Get family pictures taken: Still need to set up a time to get them taken.

6. Make some art for the mud/laundry room Done!

7. Try to figure out how to style my hair in a few different ways: I've figured out one way.  Still need to find another.

I would say I've done pretty well!  Just a week left before I'm back to work.

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