bybmg: What's Up Wednesday: Omaha Vacation

What's Up Wednesday: Omaha Vacation

Every other summer we do a vacation with my parents and my brothers' families.  We've been to Colorado, DC, Wisconsin Dells, and this year was Omaha.  It was nice because we only had to drive two hours, and we stayed for almost a week. The location was perfect; my parents rented a spacious home outside of Omaha that had its own pond, a big yard, beautiful deck, and a hot tub.  We took a trip to the zoo and the children's museum. We spent lots of time at the pond where Henry learned to fish. He can now bait his own hook and cast! I even got to go golfing and managed to par a hole, which is a feat since I haven't golfed in two years.  It was a fantastic trip.



Rachel at Garay's Treasures hosted me as her Feature Blogger yesterday.  It was so fun answering her questions.  Go check it out! Here's the link.

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