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Christmas in July

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Today, I'm so excited to share what the boys and I got in the Christmas in July gift exchange hosted by Jennifer and Courtney!  We got a FUN package in the mail from Shelly and Josephine from Windy City Baby!

Such fun wrapping!

In true baby style, Wesley was more excited about the packaging than the contents.  This bell might be his favorite part of it all!

Henry was so excited to open it.

Again, baby + packaging = love!

Henry was thrilled!!

So many fun things: water guns, water bottles (Henry KNEW the Spider-Man one was HIS), air plane kits, awesome rainbow chalk, bubbles, water balloons, water balls and catchers, a fun cup for mama, paper straws, and cute little boxes!  I could barely keep the boys away to take this picture.  They were so, so, so excited!

We immediately had to fill up the pool, go outside, and have fun!  

Wesley found a new use for the water gun as he sucked on the end and drank the water.  Henry loved blowing the bubbles, which are scented by the way (AWESOME!) into the pool. 

And I enjoyed sipping some water out of my new cup while fending off being sprayed by Henry with the water gun. And, there's so much more in the box we will get to enjoy with our last few weeks of summer!

Thank you so much Shelly and Josephine!!

Head over to Words about Waverly to see what we sent Waverly and her mama, Ashley! 

P.S. I'm teaming up with a couple other Etsy shops, and we're having a 3 day coupon code extravaganza! Here's a sneak peek at the shops participating!

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