bybmg: Tutorial: Easy Peasy No Pattern Skirt

Tutorial: Easy Peasy No Pattern Skirt


Ready for another fun sewing tutorial?!  Here we go!

I'd been on a somewhat hunt (in the back of my head) for another skirt like this one that I chose for the Summer Remix Challenge. It is so comfy. It can be dressed up and down. I went to Joann fabric, and like usual, sifted through the remnant bin.

I pulled out this piece of gray knit.  It looked like it would be the perfect size for a cute skirt or scarf, so I took it home! I think I paid $3 for it.  

I decided to make it into a skirt, so I used my current skirt as the pattern. I laid it out and cut right around it since it has about the same amount of stretch as the fabric.

The part on the right was what was remaining. It was actually the perfect width and length for the waist band when it was folded in half.  Lucky me!

To the sewing machine I went! I sewed the side of the fold over waist band together with a zigzag stitch.

I did the same with the skirt piece.  My former skirt had a seam on each size, but since my knit was in a tube shape, I just had one seam to sew since I placed my skirt on the fold when I cut.  I decided I'd just have the seam go up the back of the skirt.

I pinned the seam of the waistband right side together with the seam of the skirt. Then because it was folded in half, I found the center of the other side of the skirt (basically the center of the front) and pinned that to the corresponding center of the waistband.

There, they are, right sides together.  I sewed along the top with a zigzag stitch to connect the waist band and the skirt body stretching a little as I went since the waist was a little smaller than the skirt. Then, I compared the length to my green skirt and decided where I would make the hem. I hemmed with a zigzag stitch, and was done!

What do you think? I can think of lots of possibilities for this skirt! I also have another piece of fabric that I can't wait to try this with. 

Rachel at Garay's Treasures hosted me as her Feature Blogger today.  It was so fun answering her questions.  Go check it out! Here's the link.

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