bybmg: What's Up Wednesday - Minnesota Edition - 7.9

What's Up Wednesday - Minnesota Edition - 7.9

We spent the 4th up north in Minneapolis with Russ's parents.  We always have lots of fun. This trip included a trip to the zoo, thrifting for me, a neighborhood get together and more.  Lots of fun!

I can't think of a time we've been to MN lately that I don't sneak away for a couple hours to thrift.  It's pretty much expected.  I found some great things on this trip!  Look for a Thrifty Finds post coming your way soon!

We hit up the Lego Store at the Mall of America.  I blame the Lego movie, but Henry is semi obsessed with Legos. I think he likes the actual little guys more than building things currently, but it's so fun to see him be creative any way we can. There was a Lego play area there to keep Wesley busy while Henry decided on his purchase.

Dang, Legos are expensive, but I was able to pick out four small kits in the $10ish range to let Henry choose from, and he was happy as a clam.  I don't think we'll get out of there that cheap in the future.

Now, I don't have any pictures from this, but we went to a neighborhood get together in Russ's parents' neighborhood.  It was such classic American fun. Potluck with patriotic place settings. A neighbor brought his home brew.  Henry and a little girl played on the tree swing in the back yard, and we all sat in a circle and shared something about us be it a talent, some history, or a joke.  We brought the median age down by a good bit, but it was so fun!  I wish all neighborhoods still did things like that.

We hit up the MN Zoo on the 4th.  The weather was perfect!  I tried out the side/hip carry with my Ergo, and Wesley really enjoyed it. He was able to see all the animals and stayed cozy for almost two hours. 

I think Henry loved the Woodlands playground more than seeing the animals. 

We saw the huge bug exhibit.  They were seriously HUGE! Henry was so excited to go, but pretty scared at first. I don't think he made the connection that they weren't 100% real, though we told him a few times. 

He warmed up to them, though, and was sad when it was over. (P.S. He REFUSED to wear the cute little matching shirt to his brother's.  Instead I at least got him in a red shirt - Spider-Man of course.  Good thing you can't see the paint spatters on it from far away.) 

Russ and his dad's birthday are on the same day, July 12.  We can''t be with them on the day, so we celebrated while we were with them.

We did a park in the morning on Saturday and a splash pad in the afternoon.  I took way too many pictures, but I don't want to overwhelm you with so many pictures, so here's just a family picture. 

We also got to go to church service at a park and spend some quality time with some college friends and their kids, neither of which I got good pictures of. 

We had a wonderful trip! What's up with you this Wednesday?

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