bybmg: Tutorial: Cardboard Chalkboard Bunting

Tutorial: Cardboard Chalkboard Bunting


I'm still going after my summer goals!  Today's tutorial crosses another off the list: make some art for the mud/laundry room.

So, first off, let's start with the inspiration.  I was at Target a few weeks ago, and was thisclose to buying this. It was in the home decor/dorm room decor section, but I had a little self control and told myself that I could totally make something like that. So, back on the shelf it went. 

When I got this big hunk of cardboard in an Amazon package, it looked just too good to throw away.  I figured I could use it for something for me or Henry, and this project was the perfect opportunity. 

I used a ruler and divided it in half, then cut it with a knife, then scissors. 

I used the ruler to draw a diagonal line, then cut it with scissors.

One great thing I discovered was that since the piece had a flat edge, I could line it up with the bottom of the cardboard to make the same diagonal on the other side to form a isosceles triangle.  

I kept going and repeated this on both halves of the cardboard.  I ended up with six triangles.  I wasn't sure what I wanted the bunting to say at first, but then I decided on our last name, which meant I would need a seventh triangle. I hunted around the house and found another piece of cardboard, and used the diagonal piece to trace another triangle. 

Then, I got out the trusty chalkboard paint.  I've used this paint for painting inside a couple of our cupboard doors and making a frame for Wesley's room. I still have a TON left, even after this project, so if you're local and needed some brown chalkboard paint, just ask!  You can totally borrow some.

I painted all the triangles.  I ended up doing two coats just to make sure everything was even and you couldn't see any of the white of the cardboard. Then, I let them dry.

After they dried, I prepped them all by rubbing chalk on them and wiping them off. This helps them become more erasable later (which I probably won't do) and just have a little bit of a chalkboard look.  Then, I wiped the chalk off with a dry towel.

Then, out with my trusty chalk marker!

I spelled out our last name.

I got out my lovely spool of twine. I love this, and haven't made much a dent in it, though I use it a lot!  It makes wonderful strings to attach to superheros and transformers (boy mom speaking here!)

I used packing tape and attached the twine to the back of the triangles.

Then, I took it back to hang it up.  #FAIL!  I taped them on backwards.  I obviously wasn't thinking when I taped... Oh well, it was easily fixable since I only had to change around the first two and last two letters.

Also, just wanted another This is Real Life moment with you here.  This is what the mud/laundry room really looked like when I hung it up.  I needed to do a little bit of tidying! 

But, that clean up happened quickly.

And there's the final product. Boom. Done!

 Here's an update on my summer goals:

1. Repaint the front door: The paint is staring me down.

2. Finish the Gs for the ladder shelf 

3. Go paint pottery I'll post a picture of what I painted soon.

4. Finish reading some books: I've finished two!

5. Get family pictures taken: Need to schedule!
6. Make some art for the mud/laundry room. I still might hang up a couple prints back there, too.

7. Try to figure out how to style my hair in a few different ways: I'll post one way later this week (with a giveaway, yipee!!), but still need to find a few more.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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