bybmg: Headwrap Hairdo & Giveaway

Headwrap Hairdo & Giveaway


Remember that one of my summer goals is to find some different ways to do my hair?  Well, I have a few head wraps I purchased from A is for Antler, a local business, and I love them! There are so many fun ways to wear them. I found this blog post that shares different ways to wear headwraps and got pretty excited about the tucked idea.

So, I decided to try it out.  One of the headwraps A is for Antler gave me to model for this post just went so well with my outfit! This hair do was done in about 2 minutes.

I straightened my hair this day before I decided I was going to use a headwrap.  Next time, I probably won't straighten it. I placed the headwrap around my head on top of my hair.

 Then I just started tucking. Pull a section of hair up, and tuck it in so it wraps around the head wrap. It looks messy. It was a little, but it all worked out in the end.

I kept going, until it was all in. Then, I just straighten up any crazy looking parts that were hanging out.


Done!  (With a baby photo bomb!) 

I did this with pretty clean hair that just had a little anti-frizz cream in it. When I do it again, I will probably add a little beach texture spray or just leave my hair naturally curly like I did the first time I tried it to give it some extra stick.

My hair in it's natural state is kind of curly, kind of not. This is what it looked like when I tried out this do it first time.  I think I tucked my hair more toward the back and less around the sides.

I also like to wear headwraps just with a simple top knot. I have these crazy baby hairs right now that just stick out all around the crown of my head from losing then regrowing hair after pregnancy.  Headwraps are a MUST for me right now so I don't have a bazllion flyaways when my hair is up.

A is for Antler gave me two headwraps to model for this post and is graciously giving away the same TWO headwraps to one lucky bybmg reader! 

This is a giveaway for US mailing addresses only and runs for a week. Good luck!

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