bybmg: Summer Bucket List: Sweet Treats

Summer Bucket List: Sweet Treats


While we were in Minnesota last weekend, we went to the Galaxy Drive-In. It was delicious!  Story goes, it was a run-down place and the guy who owns Rainforest Cafes bought it and fixed it up because it was an eyesore across from his office.

Most things on the menu were named something relating to space, aliens, etc. I got a cheeseburger and fried cheese curds.  I could never turn down fried cheese curds. Ever. 

Henry enjoyed a hamburger and some good old fashion root beer.

Russ's burger was finger-lickin' good.

Wesley sat on my lap most of the time, which is usually a recipe for disaster, but he did awesome.  Little man loves french fries!

The highlight of the trip was their Red Velvet Cake Mixer. Yum!  Henry convinced Grandma and Grandpa to share theirs including the prized hunk of red velvet cake on top.

Wesley even got in on the magic.  

We didn't even get a chance to take part in their smore making goodness. They have fire pits on site with a smore kit you can buy!  Fun, fun, fun!  We'll be back!

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