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Last week we decided to head out to dinner.  We don't do it a ton, but try to do so more in the summer for a change of pace. We went to Raccoon River Brewing Company in downtown Des Moines.  Afterwards we decided to take a walk to Western Gateway Park in Des Moines, home of many beautiful sculptures!

But, first, a selfie!  Wesley needs to work on his goofy face.

All smiles!

We walked to the park after dinner at Raccoon River Brewing Company and saw this warning on a parking lot entrance along the way.  We had to laugh a little, because part of the farmer's market adventure you didn't hear about was Russ getting hit on the head with one of these a few weeks ago.

We made it to the park. Lots of open space to run and beautiful things to see. It was the perfect night.

One of the first sculptures we saw was this one. It was basically a large color wheel.

One of the downfalls of the park is that most of the sculptures have this sign on them.  I get it. They're art. But, it's hard to explain that to a young child, especially when others around are breaking the rule.  He did pretty well though.

He didn't climb on this, phew!  Isn't it just ASKING to be climbed on, though?

Yay! Something we can sit on!

Henry thought these guys were fighting or being ninjas.

This is a close up of probably the most notable sculpture in the park.  It was fun to practice some letter finding skills with this one.  Henry found an H right away.

It was a wonderful night.  Free entertainment.  The perfect family activity.

Now, for the link up!

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