bybmg: Guest Post: Hands on ABC Activities

Guest Post: Hands on ABC Activities

Today, since we're on vacation this week, I have a wonderful guest post to share with you. I have had such a great time getting to know Keri this past few months. She has a wonderful blog where she shares uplifting words for mother and great activities for her kiddos. Enjoy!


Hello, I am Keri from Living In This Season and I am so excited to be visiting today! I have loved getting to know Becky these past few months and am always inspired by her writing. As a mom to 3 little ones, I am always looking for fun activities for us to do. Today I am going to share some of our recent fun activities with letters as we have been striving to be intentional with our days. While I love a cute worksheet, they are not as effective for my son and his learning style. So I like to incorporate a lot of hands on activities as well into our summer learning. One of my favorite tools to use are the plastic ABC magnets. (Most Dollar Stores carry these). Trust me, these little magnets can be more useful than you would think.

Here are 3 ways to have fun with your ABCs:

ABC Activities

1) Letter Hunt In Sand- The other day I emptied the sandbox of toys and hid some letters in the sand. The boys had so much fun searching for the letters. As we uncovered them, we said the letter name. At the end we counted how many letters we found. If you do not have a sandbox, fill a plastic container with sand or even rice and hide letters in it. * For this activity we actually used our Melissa & Doug letter magnets.


2) Letters In The Sun- I have always heard about people doing this but we had never tried it until now. It is so simple. Just get a piece of construction paper and set it somewhere in the sun. Set the letter magnets on the paper. Wait a couple hours and then invite the kids to take the letters off the paper. My oldest was pretty impressed by the results. Now we can use the sheet to match the letters- an experiment and you get to use the end result.

 abcsun abcsun2 

3) Frozen Letters- (warning: some prep work needed) The night before, put the letters in a plastic container, fill it with water, and set in the freezer (that's the prep work so still pretty simple). The next day, pull the container out of the freezer when the kids are ready to explore. I like to take the ice out of the container, but it is really up to you. Now it is time to let them figure out ways to get the letters out. You can give them little tools such as little hammers or cups of water. They can also say what letters they spy in the ice. It is a great activity for a hot day.

Frozen ABCS  

What are some ways you like to practice the ABCs with your little ones?

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