bybmg: Summer Bucket List Linkup: That time we tried to see fireworks

Summer Bucket List Linkup: That time we tried to see fireworks


The Fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday.  I love, love, love summer and a holiday that matches all that is summer is just perfect. The past few years, kiddos have changed that a bit. Early bedtimes don't allow for seeing fireworks and parades happen during naptime kind of hinder the full celebration of the holiday. Not trying to be a downer, but it's true.  Because we didn't get to see fireworks on the 4th, we thought we'd try to catch them at our local minor league's game.  Every Friday home game they put off fireworks at the end.

So, we packed up, and headed out.  This picture was right when we sat down.  Everyone was pretty happy.  We got some food, and settled in. 

Then things started to get crazy.  It was free baseball night and Henry about lost his ball about 5 times. Wesley wanted to hold a ball and kept throwing it....

I ran to get a little more food.  When I came back, Russ and the boys were gone. He'd texted saying it was time. to. go.  Wesley wasn't having it. It was 45 min past his bedtime.  Just then, someone stopped us and asked if Henry would like to be in a promotion after the inning.  Oh, sure, why not?  So, we waited. The I-Cubs scored 6 runs. They had a do a different promotion, so Henry's interview got delayed until the next inning. So, we waited.   

I found a place to put Wesley back in the carrier and walk around.  He was pretty content.  

Then, Henry got his time to shine! We decided to head home, and got home getting the boys into bed 2.5 hours after normal bedtime. So much for fireworks, but Henry had a blast!

Hope you've had a great week!  

Now for the link up!

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