bybmg: Thrifty Finds - Sleeveless Binge!

Thrifty Finds - Sleeveless Binge!


Extra time in summer = extra time to thrift!  My first successful thrifting trip of the summer was to a local Goodwill. It was a different store than I normally go to, and I found some wonderful things!  

These were added to my Summer Remix Challenge. 
White jean capris from Ann Klein - $4

I kind of went on a sleeveless top binge as you'll soon see! I actually added this one to the Summer Remix Challenge instead of one I had.
Merona - $3

Unknown brand - $3

Mustard colored skinnes have been on my wishlist for a while.  I found these at Thred Up for $12 shipped.  A.N.A. brand (P.S. If you sign up for Thred Up, you and I will both get $10 to spend!)

When I go to MN with the family, it's assumed I'll take a trip to Unique Thrift, the local thrift chain up there.  This trip was very successful! Black sleeveless Spence brand top - $4

Mossimo - $4

Mossimo (same top, different color!) - $4

Sonoma jean shorts - $6

I also found these cute little Converse for Wesley for $4!

And, a baseball jersey for Henry for $5!

What have you thrifted lately?  Are you inspired to head to Goodwill after seeing these awesome finds?

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