bybmg: Etsy Love: Jewely Edition

Etsy Love: Jewely Edition


You've probably figured out by now that I love jewelry. I love the online boutiques, but sometimes I want something different. Etsy is always a great place for that.  Here are some pieces I've been drooling over lately. 

Arrow Bangle by  Applelatte

I have a slight phobia of bangles getting stuck on my wrists. These are just plain gorgeous and adjustable.

Ampersand Rose Gold Bracelet - by MakePieNotWar

There's just something dainty about this bracelet that I love. 

Tassel Bracelet by Love Andreas Closet

I actually just bought two bracelets from this shop. This being one of them. I love the tassel and that you can choose the color. Use code BYBMG for 10% off. 

The Katilla - by Twinkle Lil Jewels

My friend, Amanda, who I met via Instagram has a cute little shop with some beautiful statement necklaces.  This is my fave. 

Mothers Ring by  Kelly Mae Kreations

I'm a sucker for things with my kids' names or initials on them.  This is one I haven't seen before. I love it! 

G Typewriter Key Necklace by Kfiatek Gifted Hands

I have always loved typewriter keys. This is just perfect.

Do you shop Etsy much? There are so many great things there and I love supporting the little shops!

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