bybmg: Summer Bucket List: Rule Breaker

Summer Bucket List: Rule Breaker


Happy 4th of July!  I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating! We are spending today with family.

This week, I'm sharing a little spin on painting. I know, I'm a rule breaker, but we don't do much finger painting at our house, and this was just too much fun to not share.

One day we had my friend's little girl, Audra, over for the day. I'd seen somewhere that dipping sidewalk chalk in water was fun. Boy was it!?

Basically, I just got a bowl of water and had the kiddos stick the chalk in for a little bit.

It really softened the chalk and made it look like paint!

They drew on the sidewalk for a little bit, but then discovered it was really fun to draw on our water pump.

Was it a little messy, yes. Lots of fun, double yes! And super easy!  

Give it a try!  Happy 4th!

Now, time for the link up!

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