bybmg: What's Up Wednesday 7.2

What's Up Wednesday 7.2

I love, love, love the summer bucket list link up happening on Friday, but I miss High Five for Friday a little. I mean, I'm sure you miss knowing what's happening with me! So, today you get "What's Up Wednesday" - a totally made up title by me for what is happening in my life! Here goes!

Russ and I had a weekend away with friends (without kids).  We've done it every summer for the past 6 years, and it's great for us. We went boating and just hung out.  I was pretty much off the grid.  My cell phone's data did not work, and I rarely get phone calls. It was great!

I've been looking around for a good hat. I see lots of y'all in cute fedoras, and I almost got one, but instead decided to go with this one. Thanks, Target men's department!

Also, thanks Target dorm room department for this CUTE lamp. Wesley pulled down the one we had in his room and broke the shade.  I hadn't been able to find a suitable replacement, so I got this lamp at Target. I love it!

In the past month, Wesley has become true walker, and it's been fun to see him explore and be able to do more.  He loved his little Cozy Coupe, though he could only figure out how to go backwards.

My dad put a new back door in our house, and we discovered this sweet wall paper that's under the paint. I love it...kind of, but it will be covered with trim soon.

Henry and I took a trip to the zoo. One great perk of both Russ and I being home for the summer is that we can divide and conquer with the kiddos. Wesley is transitioning out of taking a morning nap slowly, and so it's nice to have two of us so that we one of us can stay home with him and the other can take Henry somewhere. 

So, that's most of what's up with me...oh, and we decided we're going to repaint the WHOLE house this summer instead of next. Pray for us, will ya! We so need to get it done, but it's going to be a bit of a chore. 

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