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Summer Bucket List: (Amusement) Park Adventure


Summer is just flying by!  I go back to work on August 7th, so I'm trying to soak up every. single. minute!  Yesterday was no exception.  Russ was out of town for a consulting gig, so I planned ahead and asked our daycare provider if she'd be up for taking Wesley an extra day this week so I could have a day with Henry.  It all worked out, so we had a Henry and mommy day!

First, of course, we took a selfie.  I thought of taking Henry out for donuts, but when I told him, he said he wanted to go to the place with syrup, so off to Village Inn we went!

Mr. H loves the funny face pancakes there along with stealing my fruit and mooching cream and strawberries from my crepe! From there we went to Target quick, then off to ADVENTURELAND!

If you're not an Iowan, you probably have no idea about Adventureland, but it's our amusement part.  Henry had never been before, and I thought this year he was at a great age to go.  He was so excited that there was a map to see all the rides. We sat down and looked at it quick, but then decided to just go and see what rides we stumbled upon. 

Right at the entrance, there's a carousel.  I'm pretty sure Henry's never turned down a carousel ride in his life, and this was no exception.

It sometimes takes Henry a little while to warm up to things. We'd talked on the way to the park about how he may be too short to go on some rides, and so most rides he saw, he immediately dismissed saying he thought he was too short, though I think he was just a little overwhelmed/scared.  Then we came across this lady bug ride, and he knew it was for him.  It was pretty mild; a good warm up for the day.

Next, we found the hot air balloon ride, which went a little faster and a little higher, and he was hooked!  He wanted to go on alllll the rides!

Airplane. Check.

Then we got in line for a not so mild ride. His choice, and we got up to the front. He watched the ride go, and decided it was too scary, so we turned around.  I knew that would happen, and I wanted to fully support him in his choices. This day was about him. No going on rides just because I wanted to. 

This truck ride was his favorite.  I'd shown him some rides on the Adventureland website before we went. He saw this one, and was on the look out for it. 

It was pretty simple, like a train, but he loved it for some reason.  He ended up riding it three times. We also did the bumper cars a few times.  He insisted they should be called crash cars, not bumper cars.


We took a quick lunch/bathroom break, and then were at it again. I saw there was a circus, so we headed that way.

The circus was pretty great for being small.  Henry was mesmerized by the tight rope walker (who also rode a unicycle on the rope, yikes!), and the juggling act.  We didn't stay for the whole circus, but it was a good time to let our stomachs settle after lunch. Then, back to the rides!  I tried to put my phone away and just enjoy the day, so I don't have a ton of pictures of the afternoon. We did go on a few not-so-mild rides, and Henry loved it. I know he'll be riding roller coasters with momma when he grows a few inches.

We did play one carnival game. I saw it, and it was one of the guaranteed win ones.  Five dollars for two plays that resulted in two frogs made for a happy Henry. Henry's first words when he knew he was getting two frogs was to give one to Wesley. I love how he thinks about his brother!

Our afternoon snack was Dippin' Dots, my fave!

And, we ran into this puppy on the way out.  

It was seriously the best day.  

Now, for the link up! Happy Friday!

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