bybmg: On Repeat: What I Wore Wednesday 6.25

On Repeat: What I Wore Wednesday 6.25

Hi y'all!  Happy Wednesday!  This'll be my last What I Wore Wednesday post until August. I'm going to participate in the Summer Remix Challenge with Greater Than Rubies, so Monday I'll post about that a little more and then post on Mondays thereafter with the challenge until August. This week may have been a little warm up for the remix since I wore the same shirt twice. Hope you've had a fantastic week so far.

Also, I have TWO giveaways going on right now. Go here and here to check them out and get entered!

Now, on to the outfits!

This top is super old. Super. Old. It's survived so many closet purges!

Top - unknown brand
Shorts - Old Navy

Chain with Tassel: Love Andrea's Closet - I've fallen in love with these bracelets!  So much so, I want you to get one. Use code: BYBMG for 10% off
Letter Charms Bracelet: Groop Dealz
Silver Beads: old

Ok, can we laugh about this for a second? I have had these sandals for over a month, and I just realized this. Needless to say, I called Nordstrom, who has wonderful customer service by the way, and they sent out a new pair. I just had to send these back!

I took this picture in a hurry before deciding what shoes to wear. I ended up wearing my Birkenstocks. Not too glamorous, but functional and comfy.

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Bracelet:  Love Andrea's Closet (again because I love it and the tassel matched my necklace!)

I had the morning to myself and it was glorious! Are you doing a double take about the necklace? Yep, I've even pondered buying it in a third color!

Dress: Old Navy (with green tank underneath)
Cuff: IF Only Pretty (and she's giving one away!)
 Sandals: American Eagle

Repeat Top! Tried something new out with my hair. I'll share more next week. This skirt is literally pulled wayyy up. I need to shorten it and found a tutorial I'm going to try soon! And, I just realized the picture is a little blurry. We were in a hurry to get out the door! These Toms sandals were on repeat this week, too!

Top: unknown brand
Skirt: Jane
Sandals: Toms

And now, for a nautical look! 

Headwrap: A is for Antler
Earrings: Hem Originals
Necklace: by me
Top: Target
Skirt: by me
Sandals: Toms

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