bybmg: Ladder Shelf and Summer Goals Progress

Ladder Shelf and Summer Goals Progress


I'm trucking away at my summer goals!

1. Repaint the front door: I purchased the paint!

2. Finish the Gs for the ladder shelf Yay! More details below!

3. Go paint pottery: I totally forgot about this until now. Gotta get going since the gift certificate expires June 30th!

4. Finish reading some books: I've finished one!

5. Get family pictures taken: We've talked to our friend who takes pictures, but now we have to set a time.

6. Make some art for the mud/laundry room: I'm debating because I got a couple cute prints that I might hang instead of making something myself.

7. Try to figure out how to style my hair in a few different ways: I tried a new style this weekend. I'll post on that next week.

Now, that we've had that recap, on to the ladder shelf!!

This is what the shelf looked like before. (Sorry, I know it's dark, but it's the only one I could find!) I really enjoy Willow Tree figures, but I just wanted a change. It looked pretty antique/rustic, and while that's great, it doesn't really go with the rest of the living room.

So here's the finished product. I'd gotten the gs online from Joann a while back. I just hadn't made the time to finish them all. I realize I have nothing on top of the ladder now, but with its slant, I'm just not sure what to put up there without it looking strange. Suggestions?

The first G I made was this one. It's just a wooden letter with fabric scraps mod podged on. It doesn't  go with the color scheme in the living room at all, but I like the touch of color.  The other G is as is. It looks like an old wooden stamp, but it's new. If you know me, you know I love giraffes. This one is a gift from a student. 

This G was black to begin with and I used a chevron stencil with some metallic paint. It really learned it's pretty hard to stencil and make it look great!  The wooden block quote is a gift from my sister-in-law. It was on the shelf previously, and I just love it!

Henry painted the blue G. He's not too into crafts lately, but I wanted something with his mark up there. The big 3-D G has G dictionary pages mod podged to it. Love me some mod podge!  The last G was originally going to be chalkboard paint, but then I realized the paint I used was for pottery and  had to go in the oven to cure...and I wasn't sure a wooden G would do well in the oven. So, I got out my trusty metallic spray paint, and gave it a coat.

I also forgot to mention the frame on the far left. It's just a black frame that says, "cousins" at the bottom. I print out a new picture of the boys with their cousins every so often and put it in the frame. I think it fits well there.

My home is not perfectly decorated, but I feel like this adds a touch of something different without much cost.  Summer goal accomplished, and it feels good!


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