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High Five for Friday

I'm in NYC right now and have left the computer at home, so these are my highlights up through Wednesday. Look for a NYC highlight post this coming week! Linking up with High Five for Friday.

We took a quick weekend road trip and made a pit stop at two great restaurants. If you're from Iowa, you probably know Hickory Park - yummy food and a great dessert menu. We also stopped by the restaurant where Russ and I had our first date (and later our rehearsal dinner). It's amazing how much food can bring back memories.

I'm still trucking on my giving kindness during Lent. I have missed some days, but it's been fun.

I got a couple headbands from a local crafter, A is for Antler. I have these darn baby hairs growing out after my hair loss post-baby, so I'm thinking headbands/wraps will be great for this phase. Plus, they're stinkin' cute.

I had some time to sew, so some new items are up in my shop. 

Last, but not least, can I just show you my cute kiddo?! Henry loves to watch video reviews of toys on YouTube, and after posting on Facebook about it, it seems many kids do this. So, he made his own toy review. We may have a YouTube sensation on our hands.

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