bybmg: What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

You never know what you'll find in a mom's purse. Sometimes it can be downright comical. I just cleaned out my purse, though, so you won't get the honest matchbox car, crumpled shopping list, and fruit snack wrapper version. Enjoy!

First off, I love my new purse (similar). Its colors are just right for me, and its ability to be a crossbody is wonderful. Plus it was 75% off, so there!

Going clockwise from there:

My ID and key lanyard from school. It's required that we wear our ID at all times, so I went and bought a somewhat stylish lanyard (similar) and spent about as much on it as my purse, but I wear it every day, so I wanted something fun. It's from Brighton. Not usually my type of store, but it had a nice lanyard.

I already shared about this on here, but Russ got my this wireless shutter for my iPhone for my birthday. I put it on a key fob that he got me last year from Etsy so it's easy to find. 

Tissues because yep, I'm a mom.

Sunglasses (similar) in my Thirty One sunglasses case (similar). I got this case a few years back and love it. It's not bulky yet protects my sunglasses.

I just got a new coupon keeper. This one replaced my old, solid pink one. It was at the dollar spot at Target and the pink chevron drew me in. More on what's in there below.

My wallet is a Coach. I got it at the outlet probably 3-4 years ago and it's just been a workhorse. I spent more on it that I thought I should at the time, but it's been worth it. I will probably keep using it until it falls apart. It has all the perfect compartments.

A Toms Zipper Pouch from my shop holds all the odds and ends - more on that below as well.

I know many serious couponers have a binder. I would always forget it or get annoyed lugging it around. This little thing  has 7 compartments: snacks & drinks, other groceries, household (tp, paper towels, etc), toiletries, baby, Becky, & restaurants.

In my Toms Zipper Pouch, I have a lot of those small items I don't want floating around my purse. (clockwise starting at 12 o'clock)

EOS lip balm. I have attended a few favorite things parties and this has been at each and every one. 

Clinique Double Face Makeup - great for touch ups!

Sugar Lip Balm - I got this as a birthday reward from Sephora a few years back. It's nice and not minty like the EOS if I'm not in the mood for mint.

A pen. :) 

I got a huge box of lens wipes once Henry got glasses a few months ago. I'm realizing they're handy for other things like cleaning off my phone and the car windows!

The business cards are from I'm on my second box, and I love their cute little size. I made the case they are in from felt. 

A hair tie and bobby pin - now that my hair is longer, these are must-haves.

Cupcake Mints - because they're fun and tasty!

Boogie Wipes - again, because I'm a mom. Love these because they're gentle on little noses and individually wrapped.

I'm not a specific lotion person; I just need something because my hands are often dry. This Suave lotion was a sample from Pinchme.

So, that's what's in my bag! I'd love to see what's in yours. What are your must-haves?

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