bybmg: Have ya met Darby?

Have ya met Darby?


Russ and I used to be huge How I Met Your Mother fans. One of my favorite lines is when Barney continuously introduces Ted to random girls. 

Well, today, you get, "Have ya met Darby?"

I recently learned about Darby Smart via seeing a friend had like them on Facebook. If you've heard me talk about Kiwi Crate, you know I love it. Darby Smart is just like Kiwi Crate but for the big kids...a.k.a. adults. This same wonderful friend gave me my first Darby Smart box for my birthday. 

It comes in a cute little box.

Inside is all that you need to make something fun including an easy to follow direction card.

Voila! This box was for Embellished Bangles.  They were so cute and easy (minus super glue...that's never totally easy). I love them. I love the colors and have always been wanting to make something like this. Sometimes I see so many great Pinterest ideas but it's difficult to gather all of the supplies without trekking all over or having to buy 10 of something I only need one of. 

Darby Smart boxes are perfect. They have just what you need and it comes right to your door. This is the one I just got this past week: a wood burning tool, stencils, and two cutting boards! Someone I know is getting a personalized cutting board as a gift soon!

P.S. Darby Smart did not compensate me for this post. They don't even know I'm writing it. I just wanted to share a fun product with you!

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