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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, Friends! If you're new here, check out some of my favorite posts down the right side along with my social media links. I'd love to connect with you!  Each Friday I link up with High Five for Friday and share the highlights of my week.


1. Last week I turned 30. Saturday night I went out to celebrate with 11 wonderful friends. I am SO blessed to have these great women in my life.

2. I started my 40 Days of Kindness for Lent on Wednesday. Giving, and giving anonymously, is tons of fun. There's still lots of time left. Will you join me?

3. We've purchased 5 boxed of Girl Scout cookies in the past week and none remain. Enough said.

4. Every day this week really felt like a Monday. One day I totally could have headed out the door with my shirt inside out until Henry caught my error. Thank you 4-year-ole fashion police. I'm so glad it's Friday! 

5. I finished Steal Like an Artist. It's a really quick read; you should read it. Many things stuck with me including this is one. Starting my blog a year ago has really been a kick in the pants for my creativity and writing. I'm often thinking about what I can share with my readers. 

Thanks for being a part of my week. I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, even if it's just to let me know you stopped by.

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