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Easy Dinner & a Meal Saver

I pinned this recipe from Kraft Foods not too long ago. I'm always looking for new ways to dress up chicken without adding in pasta or many carbs. My love for black beans has growing in the past year, so I wanted to give this a whirl.


The recipe directed 4 chicken breasts (about 1 pound) but our grocery store only has larger ones - two per pound, so I got four knowing the cook time would be a bit longer.

One thing that has saved out cooking recently is this handy little digital thermometer (similar). It has a wired probe that you plug into it that you put into whichever meat you're cooking. It has all the temperatures pre-programmed and beeps when you hit the recommended temperature. Set it and forget it, right? Perfectly cooked meat and no guessing if it's done. 

You may wonder - why in the world is it in Celsius? Well... I'm not sure. It used to do Fahrenheit. But it doesn't matter because it still tells me which temps are for which meats along the bottom of the display.

The recipe was a hit. With the larger pieces of chicken, it took about 10 minutes longer than the recommended time to cook (still about 30 minutes), but still a very manageable time. Everyone gobbled down the food and we had leftovers for lunch. Try it out!

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