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Managing Pinterest


How many of you have a BAZILLION pins on Pinterest but rarely go back to look at them?


Yeah, me either....


I have almost 3,000 pins. Yikes.

I've expressed my love for Pinterest before. Pinterest actually inspired me to begin my Etsy shop.

One way I manage my almost 3,000 pins is to actually make to-do or checklist boards.


This board is one where I file things I've done. Yep, 44/2900 pins have been accomplished. More actually have, but this is where I put them when I remember to file them away. 

This board was created by going through some other boards and choosing things I really want to accomplish this year. As I complete them, they will be moved to the Tutorials and Ideas I've Used board. Eventually, this board won't exist because when I complete everything, or when 2015 comes around, I'll delete it or move pins elsewhere.

Yes. I DELETE pins and boards.

For the past two summers, I've also created summer checklist boards. These contain things I want to accomplish with Henry (and now Wesley). They've been deleted with the pins moved elsewhere (either back to my master Keep the Kiddo Busy board or to the Tutorials and Ideas I've Used board).

I also had a Robot Party board, but now that Henry's birthday is passed, and I'm not one to repeat birthday themes, I deleted it. 

Of course, I have the dreamy, inspiration boards that don't get looked at often as well.

Some day when I have a daughter... (mom of 2 boys, here!)

Favorite Spaces and Places (where I tuck away dream home ideas)

How do you manage the monstrosity that is Pinterest?

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