bybmg: 10 Years Ago Today

10 Years Ago Today


Ten years ago today, my life changed.

I woke up in my college dorm room to a rommate's crazy guy friend greeting me with a card, paper flower, and Pop Tarts cut out in the shape of hearts. My roommate knew I was lonely and did the best to help. Valentines day isn't the most fun as a single college girl.

Now you're probably thinking, *Awe...that guy must have been Russ.*


That evening, the same roommate mentioned above and I went out to dinner at the small Chinese restaurant in our college town. It was packed.

We waited.

Then, in walked in Russ.

On a date.

With another girl.

My roommate knew him, and we ended up sharing a table with him. And his date. Because we were hungry and all tired of waiting.

If you ask Russ about that night, he usually says something like he decided that night he was more interested in me than his date... and that's where it all began. We have quite the unique story, and this is just how it began. I'd love to share more about it with you sometime, and probably will.

Tonight, we plan to go to the local small Chinese restaurant to soak up some nostalgia.

It's amazing that I've known this man for a third of my life! Love you, Russell!

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