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Etsy Love


Every once in a while, I share some of what I'm loving from Etsy.  Here's another round with some really great things, some of which are from people I follow on Instagram.

I follow Ruthie on Instagram. She makes such beautiful embroidered hangings. This one is gorgeous and would be great for someone going through a tough situation.

Lauren from EllieSoo sent me a sweet card with some stickers and tea in it the other day. She makes beautiful 3D origami star greeting cards like this one at SUCH a reasonable price.

I've started collecting Gs. More to come on that soon, but this one made from a book is so fun!.

Lexiesshop has adorable tumblers made from mason jars. This one has such a fun and bright color combination. 

Annie of Ann and Anthony makes this and many other adorable pillows. She lives nearby and goes to our old church. You can get customized pillows, too!

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