bybmg: High Five For Friday!

High Five For Friday!

Another week has passed and it's FRIDAY!  Linking up with High Five For Friday.

If you're new here, take a look to your right and connect with me! There *might* be an Instagram giveaway this weekend. *hint hint*


1) Last Friday was Henry's 4th birthday! When he was a baby, I took a photo of him with this giraffe each month. Now, it's yearly. 

1 month old - so tiny! 

2. I went to Labor Day with a friend. It was really good. Definitely had a great ending.

3. I found a new end table for Wesley's room on the local Facebook swap for $10. 
Before we just had a wooden TV tray, so this is a great improvement. 

4. Russ eats a lot of eggs. I eat eggs because he makes them. We've tried egg muffins in the past, but the work of scrubbing out the muffin tin afterwards is pure torture. In comes the silicone baking cups. Wow. The eggs just pop out. Life. Changing. And we got them for FREE with an Amazon gift card I got through Ebates.

5. More on the subject of free stuff, I got this Dove deodorant to try out from Influenster. Look for a blog post about that soon. And some fun Kiss Nail Art goodies from qualifying for their brand badge from my Rose Vox Box

What were some highlights from your week? Drop me a comment!

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