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Fiber One Meal Bars



My most recent BzzAgent campaign is testing out Fiber One Meal Bars. They sent me two full boxes of them for free! I was very pleased with the flavor choices I received - Chocolate Peanut Butter and Strawberry Greek Yogurt. 

I don't say this about every food sample I get, but these are something I would purchase again. They weren't SUPER sugary/carb-filled. The size of them was impressive as well; they are bigger than your traditional granola bar and ring in at just 170 calories with 10g of protein. I think they will be making it into my snack/breakfast rotation.

I have gotten some of the KIND bars as samples at different places, and one thing I really like about them is that there are big pieces of almond and other tasty treats in them, but they are pricey off the shelf. These Meal Bars pack a similar punch for a little bit less cost ($5/6 bars vs over $1 each for the KIND brand). The Strawberry Greek Yogurt has large almond and fruit chunks(the photo on the box does them justice). The yogurt coating is just enough, too. They're great to grab on the go or to snack on while you're working. 

Anywho, I'd encourage you to try these out. At my local grocery store, they were found with the granola and breakfast bars. Yum!

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