bybmg: Crazy Straw Valentine

Crazy Straw Valentine


Since Henry is in preschool and daycare, I made two different valentines for this year. Today I'm going to share the one we made for preschool. Tomorrow, come back, and I'll share the one for daycare.

These straws were an easy grab at Dollar Tree.

I made the tags on the Rhonna Designs app on my phone and printed it on white card stock. I made a few different color combinations of the same tag.

Then, I attached the straw to the back of the paper with some washi tape.

And done! He has 15 kiddos in his class, so for $3 + the cardstock and washi tape (which I already had), it made for a pretty quick and cheap valentine. 

You can find quite a few crazy/silly straw valentine ideas on Pinterest if you search. I loved a lot of them, but just wanted to make my own. 

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