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Tableware Valentine


Like I said yesterday, we made two valentines this year since Henry has preschool and daycare. Today I'll share the ones I made for daycare. They are a little pricier than yesterdays, but for just four kiddos and being from both boys, I splurged (if you want to call $1.50/valentine a splurge).

The Target dollar spot often seems to have some tableware. Each set of silverware was $1, and the bowls were in a pack of two for $1. The boys' daycare is all boys, so I went with a design that they would enjoy.

I adore the Rhonna Designs app. I use it all the time, and used it to make the tags. 

I printed the tag on card stock and tucked it in the bowl with the silverware.

I tied up the bowl in bakers twine.

I stuck a piece of washi tape on the bottom just to secure it a little better.  If I had time, I probably should have gotten some bags to put these in, but the boys have been sick and we've had lots of cold and snow, so this had to work.

I only had to make four, so it didn't take long. I think they turned out cute!

If you want to do this yourself, here are a couple blank tags. Just right click and save the image. I'm always happy to share!

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