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What I Wore Wednesday

Winter break came to a close. I love the time off with my boys, but I'm also a routine-needing person. So, getting back to work is good for me. It's been bitterly cold here. This is the part of winter I despise - when it's dangerous to go outdoors and our pipes sometimes freeze. But, I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude, cherishing my heated blanket, and being ok with watching a little more TV.

Top - Old Navy
Gray Tee - Old Navy
Skinnies - Gap
Boots - Payless

Scarf - by me! 

I won my first ever blog giveaway right before Christmas. Kacia over at Coconut Robot gave away a gift card to Kiki La Rue. I debated so much about what to order, and settled on three pieces. This outfit is 2/3 of them.

Top - Kiki La Rue - They're all out of this color, but here's the mint one! I love it!
Navy Skinnies - Kiki La Rue - so they're jeggings, a little out of my comfort zone, but the tunic was plenty long!
Boots - Payless
Necklace - Baby Steals (it's one Wes can chew on - keeps him busy during church and it's cute!) 

Back to work for me today! Next week will probably have a few more outfits. 

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