bybmg: Thrifty Finds - Sale Rack Edition

Thrifty Finds - Sale Rack Edition

Since I don't know when, I've been a sale rack shopper. Some people avoid sale racks like the plague because they are a lot to sift through. True, they are. Whenever I go shopping for clothes, I always make sure I can devote a good hour to shopping. This helps me not feel rushed.

My Thrifty Finds posts have focused on actual thrift shops, but I had such a successful time at Gap the other day, I just had to share it with you.  Now, for starters, we have a Gap Visa. The rewards earned from this card transfer into dollars to spend at the Gap family of stores: Old Navy, Gap, Bananna Republic, and Piperlime. We earned $50 in rewards in December through some of their holiday promotions. I had to venture to the mall and just thought I'd stop into Gap to see if they had anything I wanted to use the rewards on. To my EXTREME EXCITEMENT, they had an extra 50% off all the sale items PLUS 10% off Tuesdays for card members.

After rewards, I spent a whopping $5.15. From the prices I can find for the original items and a guess on the other, I'd say these tops were close to $200 actual retail. Yowza!

I think this is the Dolman-sleeve T though I don't see it in gray.

This is actually a tall, but I was happy about it.

This sweater is a mystery. I can't find it online, but I thought it would look good with my mint skinnies!

I think I tried on about 20+ items that were on the sale rack. It took time. The tunic was hidden and I found it right before I was headed to the checkout! I'd been eying it online for a while and was thrilled to find it. Have you found any good deals lately?

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