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Custom Work

Did you know I often do custom work? Here are a few of the things I've made, past and present. I'm always happy to figure out how to make something for you if I can!

Car mats are really what got me on Etsy. I made one for my nephew and Henry, got a request for some more, and kept making them. I give them as gifts, but I don't keep inventory in the shop anymore. They're more of a made by request item. I've also made princess and train themed mats.

They fold up so nicely that they can be stowed away in a purse or diaper bag. They're great entertainment when we're out to eat.

I made these for a friend last Christmas. I often have people ask, "Can you make __________?"  My response is usually, "I never have, but I can figure it out!"

I have felt envelopes in my shop. This custom order from last year was for a little gal turning two!

Recently, I had a bride contact me on Etsy. She plans to wear Toms wedges on her big day and wanted a wristlet to go along. This was so fun to make for her! The zipper is lavender, one of her wedding colors.

I've also made custom iPad and computer cases, tooth fairy pillows, as well as curtains! If you have something you want made, just ask! I might be able to help!

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