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High Five for Friday


I want to get some more regular posts going on here. I have one reliable, What I Wore Wednesday series going, as well as the sporadic Pinteresting and Thrifty Finds. So, I thought I'd join in with High Five for Friday. Who doesn't love Friday?! High Five for Friday is a weekly link up sharing five great things from the week. I thought it would be fun. Here I go!


#1 - Two extra days of break because of the polar vortex. Henry & I made cookies on Monday.

2 - This little guy turned 9 months old on Tuesday. 

3 - I had time to try out some new designs for my shop. What do you think of the pleat? I just added it here!

4 - New pens! I was really ready to go back to school and get in a routine again. I got these pens for Christmas and couldn't WAIT to use them!

5 - Meal planning. (Thanks, Russell, for the picture!) We use The Fresh 20 for our meal plans. We don't do Fresh 20 EVERY week - probably 2-3 weeks of the month - but the plan we're using this week (from December 27th) has been yummy so far. Planning out meals in general just reduces our family stress by a lot. With both of us working full time, we need it.

What were some of the highlights from your week? I'd love to hear about them, so leave a comment!

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