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New years resolutions are great, but they often get lost in the shuffle. There's an idea going around to just focus on One Word for the year.. Simplifying has been on my heart a lot lately. It truly is one of my biggest struggles. I hang onto things for nostalgia sake. My wardrobe overflows because I "just don't have something like that yet," or "it was such a good deal."

I started in on the Happiness Project a while back, and really only got through the first part...which was party about tossing/storing/organizing. And it's been a continual process for me. It is SO hard to get rid of things. I really feel like I could downsize our belongings by HALF and still have plenty. So, that's what I'm  working on this year. I'm not going on a shopping halt. But, I am going to make sure that if something comes in, two things go out, even if they aren't things that relate to what was purchased. I'm going to try to put nostalgia to the side.

I'm going to pick through my wardrobe AGAIN, and slim it down to things I REALLY wear. That may mean that What I Wore Wednesday gets a little repetitive, but so what?

Right before Christmas we'd had it "up to here" with Henry's greediness and neediness with all the toys he has. We took two HUGE totes of toys out to the garage. I'm thinking most of them may never come back into the house.  Now, family reading this, don't hear this as I don't want you to buy my kids toys. I do. They enjoy them. But understand if they don't stick around forever.

So, my word for the year is Simplify. Really, it would be "get rid of stuff," if that was one word.

I may not bring it up on here much more. Deciding what to get rid of is personal. But, I may talk about it. I guess just be ready to listen if I share about it.

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