bybmg: Thirfty Finds - Sleeveless Edition

Thirfty Finds - Sleeveless Edition

Since I'm still nursing, I need  outfits with a top/bottom. I put a lot of my dresses in storage just so they don't take up space in my closet and I don't wish that I could wear them.

I seriously love our Goodwill. It's about a mile from our home, so I frequent there during nap times. Other consignment stores are great, but their prices can be higher and they aren't nearby! I went to Goodwill the other day to look for a couple tops to spice up my back to school wardrobe. I was especially looking for tops to wear under all the cardigans I have.

I was most excited about this find. I think it will look super cute with cardigans. It's Mossimo.

 This beauty was hanging in the window. It's from Express and still had the tag on! $40! 

It's lowcut, so I will be wearing a camisole under it, but I like the detail on the empire waist and that it has some drape in the front to camouflage my stomach.

This was more casual than I was looking for, bit it's cute. I wear this color a lot. It's Eddie Bauer. I see myself wearing this a lot casually yet this summer.

I have to admit I've never stepped foot in a Talbots. I don't really know what the store is like, but this Talbots top that I found is cute. It's casual, again, but I think I can dress it up. I think it will look cute with my white or mint skinnies.

So, those are the four things I found! Sleeveless tops at our Goodwill are $2.29, so the four of these were under $10 total! You can't really even get one shirt for that most places. I also found the hubby two dress shirts and Henry 3 pairs of pants the next size up along with a pair of shoes. All together I spent $22 and came home with a bag full!

I'm reminded again that I just need to keep shopping at Goodwill. The little extra time it takes to dig through the racks and try things are is worth it.

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