bybmg: So long sweet summer...

So long sweet summer...

Today marks the last official week day of summer for me. I go back to work tomorrow and kiddos come next Wednesday. I have been soooo blessed to spend 4 months home with Wesley and have great times with our whole family this summer. Russ, my husband, is a teacher, too.

Here are a few of my favorite times from the summer!

I'm so thankful the hubby is home with me!

I participated in my first Color Run!

Des Moines has some great, FREE, splash pads and wading pools.

Henry asked me the other day if we could have another baby...ummm hold on there, friend!

This little boy is so brave...

and creative!

We may have made these a few times...

My boy loves to dance!

I got some reading in!

We spent some quality time in the back yard.

We also had some great family time!

Summer was amazing!

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