bybmg: Shop Update

Shop Update

I've added a couple new things to the shop and brought back some oldies!

Remember that yellow chevron fabric I used in Wesley's nursery? I still have more, so I made up a couple cute cases! It's constructed for an iPad Mini, but I'm sure it would work for other tablets, too.

Toms Mittens are back!

You heard it right! These are made from a Toms flag. Check them out in the shop to see the cuteness on their palms!

This, I admit, was a trial piece. I made an iPad Mini cover for myself and this was the first attempt. It is just a SMIDGE too small, but if you have a different tablet, yours might fit. 

I also have some new Toms bags, and some that have been hanging out there for a while!! Just for my blog readers, use the code BYBMGBLOG for 10% off! The code expires August 31, 2013.

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