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What We've Been Up To

Two weeks...not even two weeks... That's how much summer I have left before school starts up again. I am trying to soak up every minute! This summer has been extra wonderful because I got to begin it 7 weeks early thanks to Wesley's arrival. I have to admit, I'm ready for a little more of a routine, though, so going back to school will be ok.


We grew carrots for the first time. I really had no ideas how to thin them out, how much to thin them out, but we got some. Hooray!

We took a family trip to The Science Center of Iowa. Here's Russ and Henry in front of the green screen they have there. Sometimes the local weather people forecast from there.

Waffles - cake waffles. another Pinterest find. Not really worthy of a Pinteresting post because they're so. easy. Make a cake mix, pour it in. Yummy and much easier to eat than cake.

Living the every day... lots of Mr. Potatohead, Transformers, and Lego building time

Hanging outside - Look at those cheeks!

Going on a boat! - My dad took us our on his family heirloom boat. Henry had a blast. Wesley stayed back with Grammy.  

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