bybmg: Oh, that motto...

Oh, that motto...

So my motto for my Etsy shop is "Made with love, not a pattern." Seriously I don't like patterns. They are complicated and I just don't have much patience for them. I figure it out as I go, tear it out if I mess up, and just try not to make many complicated things!

Today was an fine example of me living that motto. Russ wanted a very specific zipper pouch for his new GoPro video camera. I'd made a pouch previously for some other audio visual gear he needs to have organized for his business. He wanted his pouch with divided, top and bottom, and a side pouch. I really hadn't done anything like it before...and just formed a picture in my head. I really couldn't tell you how I did it, but it worked!

So, if ya need a strangely shaped or specific-pocketed zipper pouch, I might be your gal!

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