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Pinteresting: Ice Chalk


Today was a hot one here in Iowa. I dug into my summer craft Pinterest board and decided it would be a perfect day to try out ice chalk.

I used the blogger's suggestion of 1 part water to 1 part cornstarch. I had about 2 cups cornstarch on hand, so in it went!

I separated it out into 3 measuring cups to do different colors. I would recommend using something with a spout to mix it in so it is easy to pour into ice cube trays. 

I've switched to gel food coloring when I bake, but I knew I kept this liquid around for something!

 I just squeezed in a lot.

This is how it looked before I poured it into the trays.

I did yellow and red and then mixed some blue and yellow together to get green.  I put them in the freezer at about 8 am. After Henry's nap, at about 3:30, we got them out.

He was excited.

But, then he got pretty mad because he couldn't figure out what to do with them. I will admit that a tantrum occurred complete with ice chalk throwing.

So, I took a picture of them while he fussed it out.

Eventually he came back and drew on our back sidewalk.

Then he discovered he could draw on the fence. 

He also learned he could make them stick to the fence.

And then he figured out he could color himself...

He dripped it all over his legs.

His digger also made an appearance.

This is his "I'm the green Incredible Hulk" face. 

This wonderful stuff kept our boy engaged for at least 45 min. I was working on stapling fabric to his twin box springs (fail...). We used two of the three ice cube trays I made, so I still have one in the freezer for another day.

All in all, this was fun. I was nervous when the tantrum happened, but he rallied and had a blast! He went straight to the bath when he was done, and I'm happy to say, he is no longer green. His shirt already had paint on it, and his shorts were cut-offs, so I'm not worried about what happens to them.

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