bybmg: Pinwheel and Bunting Wreath

Pinwheel and Bunting Wreath


Last summer I bought a straw wreath to decorate for our front door. I wrapped it in fabric and added some felt flowers. A year later, it was faded from daily sun exposure.

The front door faces the south. So, I took it down and took all of the fabric off.  I still have a good amount of the yellow chevron fabric from Wesley's nursery, so I put it to work again! Chevrons, buntings, and pinwheels, can I get more trendy?!

If you haven't covered a wreath in fabric, it's pretty easy. I didn't document it step-by-step, but basically you cut strips of fabric, wrap, and glue as you go. I use hot glue because it sticks well although I burn my fingers. For the bunting, I cut small felt triangles and sewed them together on my machine, again, no step-by-step, but you just sew on the triangle, leave a few stitches between, and sew the next one on.

The pinwheel was something I'd seen done but never tried myself. The cute little bicycle button was a gift from my mother-in-law, and I thought it matched well.  

I cut a square of felt and cut up each corner not all the way to the middle. Then, I folded down one corner, skipped the next, folded down the next, and worked my way around. 4 of the 8 corners end up touching the middle. I glued the middle corners to the middle of the square with hot glue (burned fingers again, but it was quick!). Then, I attached the button to the middle and glued it on the wreath. 

That's it! I'd love to see wreaths you have made! 

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