bybmg: Pinteresting: Toys + Ice + Hammer = Fun

Pinteresting: Toys + Ice + Hammer = Fun

It's been hot around here the past couple days. I saved this idea to my Summer Checklist Pinterest board just for a day like today. (It's now moved to my Tutorials and Ideas I've Used board.)

I got a new job, so I've been cleaning out my classroom in preparation for the move. I found some fun little caterpillar and spider toys as I was cleaning. I knew they would be perfect for this idea. I gathered a few other random toys from around the house. I threw them in a plastic shoe box and put it in the freezer (which needs defrosted desperately, I know!) One key was that some of the toys float and some sink, so they weren't all on one side of the ice chunk.

The next afternoon, after nap time, I told Henry I had a fun outside surprise for him.

We gathered a couple tools, though the hammer proved to be the most used.

It looked a wee bit dangerous, so we got out some goggles. 

The excitement really started when the first toy, a plastic spider, came out.

Here's a short video of the boy in action.

The goggles didn't last long, but that's ok.

This boy was entertained for almost 45 minutes.

He even learned a few things like he could throw ice chunks to get it to break instead of using the hammer. He talked about the colors of the toys he was finding. Another wonderful thing I can say is that no one was harmed during this activity. Henry never hit himself with the hammer!

All-in-all it was a great idea. It was so easy to do and he had a blast. I'm sure we could do it again later this summer with some other random toys, and he would think it was awesome.

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