bybmg: T-Shirt to Infinity Scarf Tutorial

T-Shirt to Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I found this wonderful Old Navy t-shirt at Goodwill before spring break. It was workable for my expanding belly, but still worked post-baby too.


I'm not sure if I bought it with a hole in the armpit, or if I caused the hole.  Anyhow, it didn't seem worth fixing. I wasn't that in love with the shirt, so I threw it in the rag or donate pile. But, then it caught my eye, and I thought it'd make a pretty scarf. So, during nap time, I decided to tear it apart and see what happened.

 I cut up the side and removed the seams.

It looked like this. Then I cut across right below the arm pits.

That resulted in a trapezoid shape, but I trimmed it up to look more like a rectangle/square.

I cut each in half vertically, which resulted in four total pieces.

Then I went ahead and sewed them together. I did the hems together and the unfinished cut sides together.

This piece was a little uneven. I sewed it anyway, and trimmed it up when I was done. 

I trimmed the hem edges down to a very small seam.

The great thing about working with t-shirt material is that it doesn't really fray, so unfinished edges work.

There is is, in this beautiful selfie I took.

 Russ was holding Wesley, and he was a little fussy, but I wanted a non-selfie. So, I took the babe, and Russ captured a few pictures of me holding him.

Yep, NOT a happy baby at that moment, but this is real life, right?!  

I'd love to see your version of this if you make one!

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