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You read the title right... duit. My 4-year-old self's pronunciation of dirt. Most times when we talk about my childhood with my parents, my mom will bring up how I loved to play in it. I had this lovely pair of shorts that had pockets on the front labeled "worms" and "frogs." Thinking about this upbringing, maybe it was a sign that I would be a mom of boys. I'm not afraid of dirt or worms. Snakes are another story...but I've always enjoyed gardens, flowers, fishing, and getting dirty.

Our garden is planted. I didn't play much of a part in it this year because I have been caring for Wesley. But, this weekend I felt energized (6 hour stretches of sleep will do that for you!) so, I stopped by our nearby Earl May and picked up some flowers and potting soil.

Henry woke up from his nap and was very willing to help, as long as Heatwave could come along.

He was very willing to get dirty. 

Notice that Henry had to add in his precious rocks to the pot.

And it did my soul well to get a little dirty, too. 

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