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Pinteresting - Cinnamon Roll Waffles

 When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I was quickly swayed to go buy a tube of cinnamon rolls! We don't usually keep them around the house, but I figured they would be a great treat for the long Memorial Day weekend.

These are the rolls I bought.

We have a smaller waffle iron than the originator of the idea, so I just did two at a time. (Don't mind the dirty waffle iron, that was left over cinnamon residue from the first set I made.)

They didn't need to be on the iron for more than a couple minutes. The tutorial said 2.5-3 minutes. I didn't time it, I just kept an eye on them. This is how they looked after cooking.

Henry and Russ definitely approved. 

We used the frosting from the rolls instead of syrup. Not healthy, but so what! They were delicious and easy - no dripping waffle batter to deal with. (P.S. I don't like certain foods to touch, so a while back my mom bought me a couple divided Corelle plates. I'm silly, I know!)

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